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PXIe-69529 | END OF LIFE

8-CH 24-Bit High-Resolution Dynamic Signal Acquisition Module

  • EOL

-±1V, and ±10V input ranges
-24-Bit Sigma-Delta ADC
-8 simultaneous sampling analog input
-192 kS/s maximum sampling rate
-AC (0.5Hz) or DC input coupling, software selectable
-110 dB dynamic range
-Support IEPE output on each analog input, software configurable
-Antialiasing filters




8-CH 24-Bit High-Resolution Dynamic Signal Acquisition Module for PXIe bus


The JYTEK PXIe-69529 is a high-performance, high density, 8-CH analog input dynamic signal acquisition module. The PXIe-69529 features eight 24-bit simultaneously sampling analog input channels. The 24-bit sigma-delta ADC provides a sampling rate of 192 kS/s at high resolution, making it ideal for higher dynamic range signal measurement. All channels are sampled simultaneously and accept input range up to 10V, and the analog inputs support software-selectable AC or DC coupling and 4 mA bias current for integrated electronic piezoelectric (IEPE) sensors. The module is especially designed to meet the requirements of vibration analysis and audio testing. 



High Density, High Resolution and High Dynamic Range


-Eight 24-bit analog input channels simultaneously sampling at 192 kS/s

-24-bit high resolution ADC 

-High dynamic range up to 110 dB. (106 dB SFDR, 104 dB SNR, and -106 dB THD) 



The PXIe-69529's 8-channel design provides easy expansion up to 136 channels in a single 18-slot PXI Express chassis or more while still maintaining tight timing and synchronization between channels, presenting a cost-optimized solution for high channel count applications like phased array data acquisition.



When performing high channel count data acquisition, the PXIe-69529’s built-in phase-locked loop (PLL) allows multiple modules to lock to an external reference timing signal, such as PXI_CLK10 or PXIe_CLK100 from the PXI chassis backplane, such that each module can perform measurements simultaneously. In addition, the PXI star trigger ensures synchronization between modules with less than 1 ns of skew, allowing 0.01 deg phase system mismatch for a 1 kHz signal between any two channels across devices, with the subsequent variety of implementation enabling simultaneous precision multi-channel sampling.