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PXI/PXIe Controller

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Thunderbolt 3 PXIe remote control module

• Thunderbolt 3.0 Technology
• PCI Express Gen3 bus speed
• The maximum system bandwidth is 40 Gbps, of which the PCI Express bus data bandwidth is 22 Gbps
• Daisy-chain function is supported
• Support thunderbolt or USB type-C device Hot-Plug
• Follow PXI-5 PXI Express® hardware specification Rev. 2.0
• PXI Express link performance
- 4 Link configuration: X4 X4 X4 X4
- 2 Link configuration: X8 x8
• Thunderbolt 3 cable length supports up to 2m
- Active cable: 2m
- Passive cable: 0.7m


PXIe-3911 is a remote control module based on the thunderbolt 3 technology of Intel thunderbolt bus. The module in PXIe chassis can be controlled by the thunderbolt interface.

PXIe-3911 provides two thunderbolt 3 ports, each of which can provide one-way 40Gbps bandwidth, and supports daisy-chain function. Engineers can use the second thunderbolt port to connect additional thunderbolt devices or USB type-C devices, and support Hot-Plug function.


Order Information

-PXIe-3911 (PN: JY3911002-01) 

Thunderbolt 3 PXIe remote control module with 2m Thunderbolt 3 cable

-PXIe-3911 (PN: JY3911001-01) 

Thunderbolt 3 PXIe remote control module



-ACL-TDB3911-02 (PN: JY3911001-02) 

Thunderbolt 3 USB Type-C cable, Active 40 Gbps 2m